‚Drag is all around us. It’s the costume we put on in the morning‘ – Regienotizen zu „Tank Fairy“

Drag is all around us. It’s the costume we put on in the morning, the character we play to survive in this unwieldy world. To the initiated, drag is an act of defiance against confining social structures and an opportunity to actualize a higher self. TANK FAIRY celebrates the power of fearless existence and unvarnished self-expression.


My ever-evolving definition of drag was first forged in the dive bars of Brooklyn where stages teem with undeniable talent and glisten with unidentifiable bodily fluids. After relocating to Taipei, I found camaraderie in queer spaces, connecting with the same vibrant, brazen energy of live drag shows on the other side of the planet. In collaboration with my Taiwanese partner, I embarked on developing a project to capture the art form’s ubiquitous allure.


TANK FAIRY gives a campy makeover to a traditionally “male” dominated profession, defiantly rejecting antiquated notions of gender while paying respect to a distinct facet of everyday life in Taiwan. As characters dance among glittery gas tanks, laying claim to dynamic, intersecting identities, our story celebrates uniquely Taiwanese culture and circumstances while affirming our common humanity. TANK FAIRY casts a spell, reminding us all of our extraordinary fabulousness.


Erich Rettstadt