Regienotiz zu „Endless Borders“

My country, Iran, is a vast land. It is home to various ethnicities and races, each with their own customs and traditions. Iran has always been an indispensable route for immigrants, especially for Afghan refugees, amidst the numerous social crises and civil wars in the Middle East.

“Endless Borders” tells the story of a teacher living in exile. Bereft of hope and courage, he has succumbed to all the hardships in his life. Teachers in Iran have been able to draw the society’s attention with nationwide strikes and protests. They have been voicing their objections against meagre salaries and an outdated education system. In turn, the government has been oppressing, prosecuting, and imprisoning them.

This film attempts to contextualize the social issues that have led to the rise of such organized and promising movements. It is the immediate and intimate relationship of the teachers with the future generations that makes their jobs so unique. It has the potential to inspire and empower Iranian teachers to willingly challenge an education system that is rooted in ideology. The bravery and curiosity of the future generation is all the more reason to want to change this system.

Yet it is not only the Iranian youths, but rather all the prospering generations throughout the Middle East who are no longer willing to submit to the rules and obligations of traditional societies and oppressive governments. They wish to live by their own rules. And this film tries to show how these new generations are interconnected with one another in their fight for freedom and a greater humanity. It is their youthful and unabashed enthusiasm that challenges their teachers and calls upon them to bravely stand against outdated norms. 


Abbas Amini