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Regienotizen zu „Etilaat Roz“

I am Abbas Rezaie. I was born in 1983. I am a journalist, an author, a poet, and a documentary filmmaker. As a Hazara minority growing up in a tough situation, I have made five documentary films before and after the collapse of the Afghanistan government by the Taliban. I was the only local filmmaker who worked after Kabul fell in August 2021. This documentary shows what Etilaat e Roz daily went through as well as the torture of two journalist colleagues by the Taliban, which happened on September 18, 2021.


I documented the fall of Afghanistan and the loss of a historic opportunity of the most fundamental sections of Afghan society since 2001.The camera movements, replacements and framing were amazing to me. I am almost forty, but the recorded images look like the work of a twenty-year-old. I knew I could not get close to Etilaatroz if I had a big team. They should have seen me more than the camera I was holding, which is why what is happening in front of the frame is very close to reality. 


Abbas Rezaie