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Hintergründe zu „Kiss the Future“

A Story of People Vs. Power  For many years, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, was the picture of a cosmopolitan city. Ethnically and religiously diverse, with a thriving artistic scene, it was somewhere everybody could find their place. That’s what made it a threat to Slobodan Milošević. When Yugoslavia broke up...

Regienotiz zu „Amanda“

When I wrote Amanda I didn’t have any other definitive motive besides writing a nice story, which is what I usually try to do. I didn’t really have a plan or a character in my head and I think if you treat characters with respect, the same respect you have...

Bildergalerie zu „Outsider Girls“

                                                                                            © Compañía de Cine...

Regienotizen zu „Etilaat Roz“

I am Abbas Rezaie. I was born in 1983. I am a journalist, an author, a poet, and a documentary filmmaker. As a Hazara minority growing up in a tough situation, I have made five documentary films before and after the collapse of the Afghanistan government by the Taliban. I...